Choosing Vintage Dining Tables and Chairs

The dining area is an important part of your house that hosts your family, so it deserves the best vintage furniture available in the market. If you want to do a makeover for this area of your home, you need to do so more carefully than you would your bedroom or the living room. A top company  in the UK includes russell oak and steel.

Working with Different Types of Furniture

You will soon find out that the furniture varies a lot. If you are going for antiques such as French furniture the variations will be even greater. You need to balance functionality and the aesthetic value that the pieces add to the room.
Ideally the seats you use should be uniform. All seats should be of the same size and design. However, you may either find this impossible to do because you may already have some existing seats that are too valuable to dispose of, or you just simply want to mix them with the existing ones. Most antique vintage industrial dining tables and chairs vary in design and sizes than modern day pieces of furniture.

Seats with Different Styles

If you are going to be mixing seats, there are several rules that you must follow. One is that the height of the seat needs to be uniform. Stick to the standard chair sizes. If they must vary, they shouldn’t be more than 8 inches difference between them. More than this will have people seated across each other looking awkward. Seats that vary in size should be next to each other rather than on opposite sides.

The uniformity of design is also important. If you are going for chairs, consider going for those with the same theme. French furniture, even from different periods, will not vary greatly in terms of leg detail or overall shape and design. The leg detail is an important part that needs to be considered when picking seats with shared design elements.


vintage industrial dining table

Picking the Vintage industrial dining tables

The height of the dining table is as important when picking the antique dining tables and chairs. The ideal height for a table is 30 inches high. However, you must also match the height with that of the chair that you intend to use with it. Consider the number of people who are going to be using it. For vintage designs, there are many leafed options that allow you to add more seats later. You must pay attention to the varying and less standardized sizes for these types of tables.

vintage industrial dining tables

The antique reproduced Vintage industrial dining tables and chairs can be very sensitive to scratches. If you have young children, avoid polished mahogany. You may go for a pedestal round table which has a durable marble top instead. You may also reconsider getting upholstered seats and pick those that are not.Due to the change in trends over the years, dining tables will probably continue to go with the flow. There will always be people who love the antiques of yesteryear, just like people will forever crave the vintage items from years they yearn to have been part of. These food displaying structures always have a place in homes of today and into tomorrow. What else will the mail have to pile up on? You may also consider looking at some vintage industrial table lamps for the dining area.

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